A service that is the core of our business and one of the most advanced internal skills

The design of plants for any of the three market sectors - mines, WEEE and goldsmiths - has always been one of our main activities, strictly related to production. The design now also constitutes a service provided to customers who need specific advice and a specific project, thanks to an internal division dedicated exclusively to this activity and to a long-term ability to devise solutions tailored to specific requests.


A dedicated division

Able to realize projects for internal BTT production but also for customers who only want the design service.


A solid experience in all areas

We have carried out hundreds of plant projects, in the goldsmith's field, for mines and for companies that deal with the recovery of precious metals from WEEE. And we continue to propose ourselves mainly for these three sectors of the market because we firmly believe in the value of specialization.


We have made more than 1000 projects since 1979 to date.

We deal with the design of refining and recovery plants for companies, organizations or governments


The complete production cycle

We take care of the realization of all the parts of a plant. This has always been the case and we continue in this direction to always have everything under control: quality standards and timing. This choice allows us to respect the project as much as possible and the timing that we set ourselves in agreement with the customer


Testing and evaluations

The production process always involves an accurate phase of testing and evaluation of the operation of each plant. This moment, which is carried out directly in our factory, allows to have an immediate quality control and, if necessary, to intervene to modify aspects, machines and operation of the plant itself.


The entire production cycle takes place in our factory. So we always have everything under control and we are able to intervene, in real time, for possible modifications on the assembly or on the parameters of a plant.

All the parts of the refining and recovery plants are made in-house.

Installation and training

Installation and assembly

The assembly team is made up of a large part of the personnel involved in the production itself. A team used to work in different industrial contexts and in different market sectors. The installation is a decisive phase for the best functioning of a system, so we have trained a staff of technicians to personally follow this phase.



One of the aspects that most distinguishes us from other companies in the sector. We have invested resources and dedicated a whole division on the coaching of the internal figures of the companies that will operate directly on the plant. And we did it precisely because, depending on how a facility is used, performance and production values can be very different.


The support and training of the personnel involved in the plant is one of the strengths of our approach. An internal team is entirely dedicated to this activity, it moves all over the world to offer a training service to the operators and make sure that the plants are managed in the best possible way.

An internal staff is dedicated to training and on-site training.