Organized as a great company.
Flexible as a team of professionals

Experience. Versatility. Specialization

What distinguishes us in the market of metal refining and recovery plants

We consider ourselves the ideal partners for large companies and governments, even though we have also served medium-sized companies for particularly complex projects. We are the right company for all projects, but we are especially highly specialized in project that include custom-made interventions, in contexts where the production of a refining or recovery plant also includes a complex design phase, well-defined spaces and high performance requirements. We have built our global market on this type of intervention and continue to be a reference point in the world.
Our production is aimed at three different market sectors: gold and silver refining, mines, recovery of precious items from WEEE. In these three areas we have carried out projects of different sizes, each of which stands out for a precise concept, which goes beyond standard solutions and provides a design work done ad hoc for the client. So much so that our service always begins with a specific analysis and consulting activity, aimed at producing custom-made systems. With only one goal: to reach the results and the performances indicated by the customer.

A clear choice that has characterized our entire history: we specialize in a specific market area. On this we have worked to improve the level of our service, the ability to design and customize each plant and to propose ourselves as a company specialized in complex work

Consulting is a fundamental service to identify the best design and plant solutions for specific production needs or to reach certain quality standards. On the specific knowledge, we have based our way of being on the market, providing customers with know-how that goes beyond production capacity and is fundamental for solving complex problems.
A strength that goes beyond production. Our systems are studied and designed on a need, not just products. The company's history has allowed us to have a huge database of projects but every time we have to provide a refining or recovery plant, our workflow always starts from analysis and design. These are our real added values
The ability to train the company's internal staff to use a facility. A service that for us is an integral part of the supply because it is often decisive to get the best performance from the machines. This is why we have a whole internal division dedicated to training the company's personnel, a team that moves all over the world to train the figures that will have to deal with metal recovery and refining.