AFF.ELE.Au 10+10 Kg – Gold electrolytic refining plant

This ELECTROLYTIC REFINING plant is able of producing up to 20Kg of 99,999% of pure gold from starting material with a maximum of 5% of silver content, in 24 hours, taking advantage of the action of the passage of electricity. The machine is fully automatic and requires manual intervention only for loading and collecting the metal.


The treatment takes place by dissolving the starting metal alloy by the use of only hydrocloridric acid (HCl), therefore it does not produce dangerous nitrous fumes. The obtaining of pure gold passes through the application of a method specially studied by the BTT Team, which guarantees the high purity of the final product. All with careful protection of harmful emissions into the environment. Plant entirely made of PP (polypropylene) with independent base serving as a safety tank for any breakages.