AFF.ELE.Ag 50 Kg – Silver electrolytic refining plant

This ELECTROLYTIC REFINING plant is able to treat until 50 kg. for day of starting metal alloy, high title (above 75%). It is able to produce pure daily Silver (Ag) with a minimum title of 99.9%, taking advantage of the combined action of the passage of electricity and the chemical attack of the Nitric Acid (HNO3), the simultaneous dissolution of the starting alloy and the formation of pure crystals Silver (Ag).

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The construction of the bearing structure system in Stainless Steel, and in PP (polypropylene) or on request in painted Fe and PP. It consists of working tanks, inside which the anodes to be dissolved are placed, and the liquid recirculation tank, useful to maintain the level always constant and to facilitate the correction operations of the reagents inside the working liquid. The plant is completed of an anodic sludge recovery system and a cementator reactor, specially created to recover silver from working waste liquids.

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