Electrolytic refining plants

The separation and purification of precious metals can be carried out, if basic requirements are met, through an electrolytic system. In fact, with the passage of electrons, in the form of an electric current, through a metal conduction system, it is possible to carry out the dissolution of selected metals, placed at one of the two poles, inside a specific electrolytic solution. At the same time, only the final target metal at the opposite pole is separated by selective deposition.

B.T.T. Italia is able to carry out this process in modular cells properly designed and built by our experienced staff. This equipment must be placed under an aspiration hood and outfit- ted with a fume scrubber. Our collection system of primary and secondary products is the result of years of intensive research and continuous improvements and it is now user-frien- dly and operation times are reduced to a minimum.

The deposition is so effective that it can reach purities equal to or greater than 99.99% of silver and 99.999% of gold.

These metals are already available for final fusion and to obtain the desired shape, whether in ingots, foils or spheres.

Our installations


• Minimum production capacity 20Kg in 24 hours per production unit
• Construction in PP (polypropylene)
• Two work tanks of 100L each
• Liquid heating and filtering system
• Tempered glass opening
• Operating parameters control panel
• Electrode washing tank


• Minimum production capacity 10Kg in 24 hours per production unit
• Construction in PP (polypropylene)
• Stainless steel bars
• Working liquid filtering system
• Double exhaust valve collection system
• Buchner filter for collecting silver crystals
• Vacuum system for cleaning anodic bags
• Waste liquid treatment reactor for electrolyte recovery