Assaying laboratory

The analysis of precious metals, such as gold and silver, is approved, as of today, by the international organization LBMA, only through the method of cupellation or “fire assaying”.

B.T.T. Italia can provide all the machinery and tools for this analytical process, including, for example, the rolling bench, the vapour reduction tower, and the “Assaying” hood. Each laboratory is specifically designed to meet the different production needs of our diverse clientele. For example, we can build multiple-stage assaying hoods, which allow the simultaneous analysis of 20 samples at a time.

We can also provide all laboratory electronic equipment, including analytical scales up to 5 or 6 decimal digits, as well as all the tools necessary to carry out the analysis process.

The "fire assaying" method uses fire and acid to separate “non-precious” metallic components from the precious ones. The final result is given by obtaining only pure precious metals.

By comparing the weight of these pure metals with the initial weight, it is possible to determine their percentage on the starting alloy.

Our Intallations


Production capacity up to 20 tests at a time with the special basket in quartz.
Equipped with 2 glass dissolvers for acid treatment nitric at 22 and 32 Bé, heated and equipped with condensers vapors and sample wash tank refrigerator system supplied on request.


• Suction tube and singol or duble electric heater with 6 places
• Singol power 1,8 Kw a 220 V
• Overwall 800x1500x1500 mm
• Weight 90 kg


• 190x240x120 vaulted muffle
• 8 resistances in silite sticks
• Electic Power 7 Kw at 380 V
• Overall dimensions 800x800x2000 mm
• Weight 400 kg


• Single or double rolling mill (to increase production capacity)
• "Immediate” resistance system for sample annealing
• Power 0,33 Kw / 0,66 Kw
• Overall dimensions 350x850x1200 mm / 700x1700x1200 mm
• (Single/Double) safety pedal for lamination control